Last week, I opened my ‘blogs to-read’ list on Twitter, and realised that I was being FAR too optimistic with a) the amount of free time I actually have b) how I want to spend that free time (ideally away from a screen).

Most of the blogs I wanted to read were amazingly detailed, but didn’t give me a quick run down of what a book was about. I appreciate that the below soundbites will, in no way, do these amazing books justice, but will hopefully give you a brief flavour of each:

In no particular order:

Research-based ideas for instant implementation in the classroom.
Underlines the importace of reading in schools, with practical tips to aid this.
Warming anectotes coupled with practical steps to get the most out of your first few years of teaching
My students will regail you with stories of my retrieval obsession; Kate, again, mixes research with simple ways to slot these easily into lessons.
Research led ideas on encouraging participation and maximising learning during COVID and beyond

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