As many KS3 classes finish their end of year exams, already exhausted teachers round back up their marking pens (last seen hurriedly marking last minute practice GCSE/A-Level questions). Like many teachers, I teach Year 7, 8 and 9 in History, but also a solo RS and even more solo Geography lesson. 

I’m even more sure that those teachers will give these exams their due diligence, ensuring feedback written is useful as well as effective for students. However, it’s all too easy to put all of this work in, only for the grade to be seen and the rest of the paper abandoned. We’ve all been there – you focus purely on the grade and not the feedback. 

I wanted a feedback method that ensured students reflected on their work, as well as being able to physically carry something with them into their next year of study.

That’s why I jumped for joy when I found @misshollandhums ‘ Exam FeedForward sheet (by the way, she’s fab, you should definitely check her out if you haven’t already!) The aim here is to get students to read through their paper, make notes through oral feedback in green pen, then complete the FeedForward sheet. Only then can students approach my desk to find out their grade. 

I have gathered up completed FeedForward sheets and will ensure they make their way into student’s fresh clean books in September!

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