One of the things I’ve always wanted to get into is Bingo. I know, I know. I’m in my 20s not 60s. 

In a bid to start my new hobbie (mainly, I’ll confess, to get my mum back into it) I bought a few BINGO markers from Poundland. As per, I shoved them into my stationary box never to be seen again… 

6th November rolls around and I’m in search of a highlighter whilst marking some A-Level Politics essays. 

Some of the things I struggle with when marking essays are:

  1. Ensuring I give enough feedback for it to be useful and make a difference
  2. Ensuring my feedback doesn’t take too long (I’m moving to verbal feedback using a marking crib sheet for most essays now)
  3. Finding space on the essay page!
  4. Making sure I link my comments back to the mark scheme in a clear concise way 

BINGO markers with different patterns seemed to be the answer to all of these issues.

My first attempt at using them was to act as a key, to save space and give effective feedback. 

Although great at showing the positive and negative aspects of an essay, I felt as though I was spending too much time writing the same thing, even with my marking crib sheet by my side…

I then decided to explicitly link each issue to the mark scheme. 😦 for if they hadn’t explained enough and 🙂 if they had achieved.

During feedback tomorrow, I’ll ask students to green pen around the marker with how they could improve. Then I’ll verbally feedback and see if their ideas match. 

All in all, a fun way to mark essays quickly and effectively, link self-evaluation and verbal feedback! 

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