One of the hardest aspects of the GCSE-ALevel transition is breaking down those established essay structures that students have used every day for 2+ years. 

This is particularly difficult when going from a very universal GCSE History structure to A-Level Politics. Essays based organising arguments and evaluating them ensure students naturally revert back to their Introduction, PEEL x4, Conclusion safety.

This year I have trialled a simple box essay structure for 15 mark Edexcel Politics A2 questions. 

Questions are posed to students, but they only have 4 paragraphs to answer them. Students get 4 minutes to complete their box with examples.

Not only does this encourage uniform planning in exams, but it ensures that any waffle is cut out and students can focus on achieving those assessment objectives. 

This box strategy could easily be adapted for longer questions. I’ll keep you posted when I get to my 45 markers!!

2 thoughts on “Essay box planning 

  1. I LOVE your page. You have included so many excellent ideas. I teach both History and Politics and will be using your awesome ideas. Thank you for sharing them
    Charlotte Roper-Brown

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